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Living Legacy Oracle Cards

Eternal Wisdom, Timeless Guidance

Ever Wished for One More Conversation?

Imagine hearing their voice again, seeking their advice on life's crossroads, or just feeling their comforting presence. That longing for guidance, for those words of wisdom that once guided your steps, is a universal ache.

And what about leaving your own legacy of wisdom? Have you ever wished to always be there for your loved ones, offering guidance and advice, even when you can't be there in person?

I Get You, I've Been There Myself

Like you, I've longed for just one more moment with those I've lost. I remember craving conversations with my grandmother, wishing for her guidance, her wisdom, to guide me through life's twists and turns.

This longing didn't end with seeking; it evolved into a desire to ensure my own wisdom and love could be shared with my boys, ensuring that even when I'm not physically present, my guidance could still reach them.

Understanding this deep need for connection and legacy, I embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between past and future...

So, I Created a Bridge Between Worlds

Living Legacy Oracle Cards

Introducing the Living Legacy Oracle Cards:A heartfelt creation designed to transcend the boundaries of time and space. With these cards, you can share your guidance, advice, and words of wisdom, crafting a lasting legacy for your family.

Each deck is a tapestry of your essence, woven into:

  • Custom Box: Adorned with your personal 'To & From' info

  • Custom Postage Stamp Image: A seal of your legacy

  • 72 Cards Including;

  • A letter and photo card from you

  • 70 cards with messages customized by you

  • Your Handwritten Salutation & Closings: Imprinting your touch on every message

Crafted with love and a deep understanding of life's fleeting moments, these cards are your opportunity to offer guidance, celebrate memories, and share your unique wisdom forever.

"Angie you are amazing. I received the decks today. Wow. I broke down and sobbed. They are everything I had hoped. So much meaning. So much work on your behalf. I honestly can’t thank you enough. Holding them both in my hands is just wow. Thank you thank you thank you for all that you have done. These cards mean so much to me and so special that nana is still here at 84 years of age to help in making these cards possible. Such a very special experience.

Thank you!"

Shannon Estreich

Hi - I'm Angie

A Journey Rooted in the Mystical, Crafted for Connection

From a young age, I was drawn to the metaphysical, finding solace and wisdom in Tarot and Oracle Cards. My path led me through realms of esoteric knowledge, seeking connections that transcend the ordinary.

As a mother, my deepest wish is to share this connection with my boys—perhaps not through Tarot, but through the enduring wisdom and love I leave behind. This inspired the Living Legacy Oracle Cards, a bridge for anyone to impart their legacy, regardless of their journey.

These cards are more than a tool; they're a means to share your life's essence with loved ones, ensuring your wisdom resonates across generations.

Join me in creating a legacy of love and guidance that stands the test of time.

Video Walkthrough

Yes! I Want Mine Now!

"I'm loving these Living Legacy Oracle Cards! I bought one for my mom and she said it's the best gift ever, now she's planning to buy for herself to be given out to us!"

Thea Sibonga

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I don’t know what to write?

No worries! We have pre-written content for you to choose from and use as is, or use to get ideas for yourself to write your custom content.

Can you deliver to a P.O. Box?

No. Sorry. At this time, our manufacturer is unable to deliver to a P.O. Box.

Do you ship Internationally & are there any International fees?

Yes, we do ship internationally. You will need to check with your country & customs for any import taxes, duties or other fees that may be charged and collected during importation & before delivery.

Do I get to preview the pre-written content?

Yes! You will be directed to a custom order form after checkout. You will be able to view all of the pre-written content there and choose any that you would like to use.

When will I receive my cards?

Due to the customization of the cards, considering design, printing, and shipping, there is an estimated arrival date of 14-21 days, for domestic shipping in the U.S., depending on where you live. International shipping will take longer.

How do I send my custom content?

You will be directed to a Custom Order form after checkout. There you can enter all of your custom Information, upload your pictures, salutation & closing signature, letter and create your own custom content or mix and match pre-written & custom for a total of 72 cards.

Product Specs

Type: Large sized custom cards (50% bigger than poker size)

Number of cards per deck: 72

Dimensions: 89mm x 146mm, 3.5" x 5.75"

Card Finish: Quality card stock with black core (linen finish)

Box: Custom rigid box (uses 100% recycled chipboard)

Box Finish: Smooth Matte Finish

Limited-time Introductory Offer: $144

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